Engagement Gifts for Her

There are a lot of engagement gifts that would make a soon-to-be bride feel very special.

If you live far away you can have your engagement presents delivered, but if there is going to be an engagement party, there are plenty of engagement party gifts you can bring that are sweet, fun, unique, useful, and special.

You can also explore personalized engagement gifts for her.

Well Wishes Through Lovely Candles

These candles are a creative way to offer your well wishes to the newly engaged woman. The candles display positive attributes such as joy, success, health, and other well wishes. Every time she lights one of these candles, she will automatically think about the positive thoughts that are attached to the candle, and, of course, think of you, the gift giver. Candles are a simple way to create a nice ambience in any room and it could be just the right touch for those nights where she wants to slow down and relax.

Yummy Chocolate Dipped Goodies

What better way to celebrate her engagement with some decadent treats? If you feel that chocolates and champagne is just not orginal enough, then considered some chocolate dipped strawberries or cherries! She will absolutely love it! If she is having a small engagement party, then supplying the guests with some yummy treats can be a great way for everyone to celebrate!

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can be a great gift for a bride-to-be! With a jewelry cleaner she will be able to have her engagement and future wedding band cleaned safely and effectively. A lot of these jewelry cleaners also work for eyeglasses, so it can be extra practical if she wears glasses, too.

Jewelry Holder / Jewelry Tree

Jewelry holders or jewelry trees can be a great engagement gift ideas for a newly engaged woman. A jewelry holder becomes a special place where she can store all of her treasured belongings. Jewelry holders come in all types of sizes, shapes, and styles.

There are even jewelry boxes that can be engraved if you are looking for engraved engagement gifts for her. So when browsing through different jewelry boxes or beautiful jewelry trees, you should think about whether you want to give her a jewelry box to store only a few very personal items or a larger jewelry box that she can keep adding to for years.

Engagement Gift Baskets for Her

Engagement gift baskets for her are a great way to celebrate the announcement. If you do not live near the bride-to-be, then sending her an engagement gift basket to congratulate her may be the perfect idea! There are traditional gift baskets of wine and coffee, but there are also gift baskets that any woman would love to receive. Beauty spa gift baskets, pedicure gift baskets - how could you go wrong with these fun baskets?

Ring Holder

An engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of everlasting love. While a newly engaged bride might not want to take off her engagement ring, sometimes it does become necessary to keep it from being lost or tarnished. A wedding ring holder is a lovely way to display her ring and to keep it separate from her other pieces of jewelry. The ring holder is a solid wedding engagement gift because she will also be able to use it to hold her wedding ring after the wedding. There are all kinds of ring holders, from crystal to chrome; there are also ring holders that are shaped into fun animals or symbols.

Wedding Planner Book(s)

Planning a wedding is almost like having a full-time job, there are so many little details that need to be tracked and taken care of. At this point in the engagement, the bride may not be thinking so far ahead because she is likely basking in the glow of the recent proposal, but soon her thoughts will turn toward planning the wedding. And a wedding planner and organizer is the perfect engagement party gift to give her a head start!

Bridal Magazine Subscriptions

If you know that the new bride is planning a long engagement, at least a year, then you may consider getting her a subscription to a popular bridal magazine. Bridal magazines are a fun treat for any bride. She can get ideas about wedding themes, wedding dresses, honeymoon ideas, and a ton of different tips for planning the wedding.


If you are thinking about getting her subscription to a bridal magazine, then you should order it soon because it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the magazines to begin arriving. To gift a subscription to her, purchase the latest copy of the magazine from a bookstore and let her know that she can expect more to come!

Unique Goodies

An interesting piece of home decor or kitchen ware that is not commonly found at the big department stores would certainly make a great engagement gift for a woman who seemingly has everything she would ever need or want. Handcrafted items or even custom made gifts can be found at craft fairs or even through artists who sell their work online. The little bit of extra effort you put in to finding something unique and thoughtful will definitely be appreciated by her.

Romantic Comedies!

Wedding planning can very stressful! Thankfully, your newly engaged bride is not yet there. To lighten the mood when things start to get hectic, how about supplying her with a collection of fun romantic comedies Funny movies are a great escape and can really change the mood of an otherwise frazzled bride. Here are some movie ideas to get you started: Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Singer, and other hilarious comedies.

Gift Certificate to a Nail Salon

A gift certificate to a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure will be a fun engagement gift for the new bride. There will be plenty of occasions for her to use it! She'll need to get her nails done for the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and even for the wedding! She will be oh-so-grateful that you were thoughtful enough in getting her such a nice, and useful treat.

Bracelet or Necklace Charm

A personalized charm is a great way to engrave a special event into memory. Personalized charms can be customized with names, dates, or special messages. If you are close to the bride-to-be, then personalised engagement gifts, such as a charm, can capture your relationship and will be a really special wedding engagement gift. Over time, she will be able to add more charms to the bracelet or necklace and it can be the start of a wonderful tradition.


Precious Moments Figurines

Does your newly engaged lady love to collect figurines? Then she may flip over these adorable Precious Moments figurines. There are a lot of sweet figurines that celebrate the special wedding occasion and even special relationships that are often highlighted during an engagement, like the special bond between Mom and daughter or Dad and daughter. It will be an engagement gift that she can put on display and keep forever.

Gift Certificate to a Spa

A gift certificate to a local spa or a massage or mud bath or other relaxing treatment could be the perfect treat for a newly engaged woman. It will give her an excuse to take some time for herself if things get too hectic during the planning stage. Even right before the wedding would be a good time for her to indulge herself and release any pre-wedding jitters. You could even get together with mutual friends to split the costs.


A sweet bouquet of flowers may be the perfect wedding engagement gift for the new bride. She will be perfectly elated upon getting engaged, and sending a fresh bouquet of flowers is a great way to celebrate with her. If you live far away, then sending flowers to her home or work place is a great way to let her know that you are thinking about her and are excited for the upcoming wedding.

While flowers may last up to a week, the new bride can always press the flowers so that she can save them for her wedding scrapbook, that way the flowers will last much longer. Sending a note on how to press flowers, if you think she would be open to the idea, is a great way to start collecting wedding memorabilia.

More Engagement Gift Ideas for Her

If you have the time, then a personalized engagement gift for her can make a really special present. There are a lot of wonderful gifts online that can be customized in various ways.

For instance, if you know when her wedding date and location will be, then you can use that information to have a one-of-a-kind gift created. Or you might want to create a gift for both the bride and the groom-to-be that celebrates their future shared surname, if you know that the couple will be sharing a name after the wedding. Customizing a gift can also be a special engagement congratulations poem or verse. Or it can just be a quote about love or marrriage directed toward her or the happy couple.

Short on time? Want to get something send quickly? Then how about an engagement gift basket for her? There are plenty of themed gourmet gift baskets available that can be ordered in minutes. There are so many gift baskets that any bride-to-be would love to receive, whether she is a gardener at heart or a lover of all things cupcake!